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July 2014 Newsletter!
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gyan: n. knowledge acquired by direct perception

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Hear from one of our students, Roshan, age 10, about his experiences in school and with NCEF.

Student Voices: Roshan

NCEF student Roshan, age 10
Patan, Nepal

by Bimina Ranjit


“I am the only son and I love helping my mother. I had holiday in school yesterday and I helped her fetch two buckets of water and also to clean the rooms” said Roshan, a 10-year-old third grader from Patan, Nepal. Scarcity of water in Kathmandu has made daily water fetching a lifestyle even for a 10-year-old boy like Roshan.


Roshan applied for financial assistance from NCEF in 2014 because his family couldn’t afford his tuition. His father works and makes some money for the family’s daily needs, but sending Roshan to school was difficult. The growing demands of their simple lifestyle with inflation in Nepal are making it difficult for parents to afford a good education for their children. Even a nuclear family like Roshan’s, who live in Kathmandu Valley, can’t sustain themselves, to say nothing of the hardships facing more rural areas. NCEF is proud to be helping bright young children like Roshan.


Roshan means brightness in Nepali and he shines when asked what his favorite subject is: “I love Maths,” he said, “Math is easy; I love to divide and multiply. I like science, too. I recently learned about the formation of soil, the science behind road crossing and zebra crossing, and lot more.” He says it was difficult for him to learn Nepali even though it is his mother tongue. “The grammar and vowels are too tough to remember.”


He loves all his teachers but he especially likes his math teacher. Roshan says this teacher gives him special attention, but we suppose it goes both ways as Roshan relates how much he loves his math class. He also takes tutoring classes with his cousin and sister every day after school because his parents cannot help him with English homework. He said his mom is learning some English, though: “Mommy knows how to say ‘what is your name’,” said Roshan. He intends to teach her English when he learns to speak fluently himself.


Since his father only makes enough to support their daily needs and can barely make rent, Roshan was supported by one his relatives growing up. That has stopped now and it was unlikely for his parents to send him to school given the financial difficulty. Roshan was also suffering from tuberculosis when he was a younger, but he came through and now is making healthy progress. He loves his sports. Some favorites include badminton, volleyball, and football.


Eventually, Roshan wants to go to college. He is eager to learn. A responsible and hardworking child like Roshan not only deserves support from NCEF, but for all his future endeavors.

Bright little Roshan seems to love his space. He enjoys a little break  in between classes, and we asked him what he does in the 5-10 minute breaks. He said, “I love to go out and breathe some fresh air.” A very sophisticated answer for a 10-year-old.

In Next Month's Newsletter

Next month we will continue bringing stories from our volunteers and students gathered from a recent trip to our schools in Nepal.

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